The Power of Grace

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The Power of Grace
Recognizing Unexpected Gifts on the Path
Shambhala, 2014
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If we think back over the relationships and milestones of our lives, we notice that often there was a happening, something beneficial that came our way, beyond our effort, plan, or expectation. We were somehow helped to make a leap or guided to something new. That special assistance, unearned, unforeseen, unplanned, often unnoticed, is a description of grace, the gift dimension of life.
Here are some examples: the solution to a perplexing problem just suddenly pops into your head; you suddenly find the strength to rise to an occasion you didn’t think you could endure; the next phase in your spiritual path becomes plain as day.
Grace is a word usually associated with religion. The concept in this book is that anyone can notice and appreciate a gift dimension in life, with or without a belief in God. This idea is familiar from Twelve Step programs which refer to a “higher power” than ego that assists us toward healing and transformation.
We can learn to open ourselves to grace, to recognize it at work in ourselves, in others, in life events, in mysterious coincidences. We can become conduits of grace to others. This book provides practical exercises for learning how to manifest grace—to recognize and claim the help the universe is constantly offering us all.
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