When Catholic Means Cosmic

When Catholic Means Cosmic
Opening to a Big-Hearted Faith
Paulist Press, 2015

when-catholic-means-cosmic-cover-pic-200pxwWhen our understanding of the Catholic vision of life has cosmic dimensions, everything wonderfully widens: Our faith becomes a trust without limit. Our hope overflows with expectancy. Our love stretches beyond all barriers. Our spirituality expands as we update our beliefs in accord with the best advances in psychology and science. This is how we maintain and appreciate the riches of our religious tradition. Christians in any denomination will find this book helpful since we explore how religion and spirituality can be integrated.

True faith in the gospel of Jesus is shown first of all in having and showing love for everyone. This introduces us to the bigness of our faith since it shows it to be about universal love. In this way, faith is a driving force of our evolution as connected beings. When Catholic Means Cosmic presents a liberated Catholicism, one that is about its values, assets, and limitations. While some people have divided religion from spirituality, this book now looks at reconnecting them sanely and exuberantly as it examines the marvels and challenges on our journey of discovering where we are going.

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ISBN: 978-0809149322


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