CDs of Live Classes by David Richo

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Making Love Last: 
How to Sustain Intimacy and Nurture Connection
Set of 3 CD’s

This is a lively one-day workshop on relationship issues given by David Richo at Spirit Rock Retreat Center in California. Some of the topics are:

  • What is love and how it can endure?
  • What are our fears of intimacy and commitment and how can we work on them?
  • How can we communicate with mindfulness and loving-kindness?
  • How can we resolve our conflicts, without our egos getting in the way?
  • How does our early life affect our adult relationships?
  • What are the natural phases in a relationship?
  • How can we grieve the ending of a relationship and move on, free of resentment or expectation?
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How to Be an Adult in Faith and Spirituality

Four CDs

In this live presentation of a retreat at Spirit Rock Buddhist Retreat Center, David Richo provides a detailed and straightforward vision of what faith and spirituality can look like in adult consciousness.

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How to Be an Adult in Relationships 
Book on CDs read by author  Shambhala Press – 8 CDs, 9 hours, $69.95

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“Most people think of love as a feeling,” says David Richo, “but love is not so much a feeling as a way of being present.” In this book, Richo offers a fresh perspective on love and relationships—one that focuses not on finding an ideal mate, but on becoming a more loving and realistic person. Drawing on the Buddhist concept of mindfulness,  How to Be an Adult in Relationships  explores five hallmarks of mindful loving and how they play a key role in our relationships throughout life:

  1. Attention  to the present moment; observing, listening, and noticing all the feelings at play in our relationships.
  2. Acceptance  of ourselves and others just as we are.
  3. Appreciation  of all our gifts, our limits, our longings, and our poignant human predicament.
  4. Affection  shown through holding and touching in respectful ways.
  5. Allowing  life and love to be just as they are, with all their ecstasy and ache, without trying to take control.

When deeply understood and applied, these five simple concepts—what Richo calls the five A’s—form the basis of mature love. They help us to move away from judgment, fear, and blame to a position of openness, compassion, and realism about life and relationships. By giving and receiving these five A’s, relationships become deeper and more meaningful, and they become a ground for personal transformation.

Embracing The Shadow: Discovering The Hidden Riches In Our Relationships
(Set of 4 CD’s, Shambhala, 2013

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Most of us have noticed that our shadow side comes out in relationships as nowhere else. We can work with our unskillful tendencies toward one another. We can tame our hurtful words and retaliatory impulses. We can work with them creatively and grow because of them. We then notice our projections onto one another and withdraw them. Our dark side also includes many positive qualities that are hidden even from ourselves. We can find the gifts we might not yet have dared to recognize or show. Our befriending of our positive and negative shadow sides makes true closeness possible. Working with the dark rather than in it lets the light of intimacy through.


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