Thirty Day Retreat

Spiritual Readings

on the Sacred Heart of Jesus

From my book:




David Richo, PhD

Paulist Press

Introduction to this Devotional Practice

I was given the grace to make a vow two years ago to contribute to devotion to the Sacred Heart, a focus of devotion during my seminary days. The readings from this book, which I felt honored to write, seeks to contribute to this sublime desire.

I received unexpected graces while writing this book. I came to realizations about the Sacred Heart that have amazed me and I share them in the pages that follow.

I created this blog to continue to honor the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Here I share what I learned from Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and modern theologians who have a Vatican II and an evolutionary orientation about religion and spirituality. I chose readings from my book and elsewhere for a daily meditation experience meant to last one month.

I recommend a daily slow focused contemplative reading followed by time for personal reflection, then the four-minute the YouTube meditation video.

Now I am praying that my words—and what they may awaken in you, my new spiritual friends— will open into a vision of what the heart of Jesus is, where/here it is, and how it offers such luminous hope to our modern world.

I join St. Clare in saying: “I am writing to your love.”

May Jesus renew in each of us a passionate devotedness to the purposes of his heart.

My book,

The Sacred Heart of the World (Paulist Press)

is available from any bookstore or at my website,

Now I think of myself as living solely for the Sacred Heart.

-Pope John XXIII